Playground Safety Tips For School Age Kids

Visiting the playground is one of the must-do things for kids. Playground and outdoor fun is one of the things that can drive kids crazy and also gives health benefits to the kids with the exercise that they get. Swings, teeter-totters, monkey bars, slides, and sandboxes are some of the playground equipment that kids love and enjoy. Nonetheless, there are situations that can make fun hazardous creating minor scrapes and bruises. In order to avoid these, parents must be guided with playground safety tips for toddlers and school age kids to keep them safe while kids enjoy and have fun.

Adult supervision. One of the most important playground safety tips is adult supervision. School-age kids and toddlers should be supervised at all times. Kids are often careless while playing with the joy and fun that they get. This makes them vulnerable to potential dangers that kids may overlook. In addition, it is recommended that no child under 4 years of age use any climbing equipment. With the use of the swings, ensure no one is in front of or behind them to avoid passers-by being hit.

Inspect and ensure that all playground equipment is safe. Watch out for cracks and loose screws that can make the equipment unsafe and unstable.
Availability of the playground attendant. The availability of playground personnel or attendant can make it easier to report holes and other observed things that can pose potential danger to the kids while playing.

Another playground safety tips for school-age kids and toddlers that parents failed to  recognized is the use of proper clothing for the kids while playing. Wear the kids with clothes that do not have hoods or drawstrings that can cause injuries to the kids for being caught up at the playground equipment.

Bring water or juice and first aid kit to the playground. We cannot predict accidents. It is better to have a first aid kit on-hand than wait for playground personnel to come. Also, kids become dehydrated easily. Let them drink water to avoid exhaustion.

Determine if the grass in the playground has been watered recently.  Children could slip while running and playing. Moreover, watch out for broken glasses which can cut the kids or anything that can kids can stumble with.

Check the sandbox for foreign material.  Toddlers love to put things in their mouths and these foreign materials are hazardous when eaten. In addition they also catch the germs with the object they put in their mouths.

While safety procedures are clearly outlined by the National Safety Council and the National Recreation and Park Association, check the safety guidelines for playgrounds before bringing any child in order to make sure the equipment is up to standard, and the ground surfaces to not hold any danger for kids.

Keep these playground safety tips for toddlers and school age kids in mind to keep them safe while kids enjoy and have fun. The playground is ought to be a place of enjoyment, make kids secure and safe with these tips.

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