Two of Buffett’s core holdings

Two of Buffett’s core holdings in Berkshire Hathaway’sportfolio are Coca Cola (NYSE: KO) and Wells Fargo(NYSE: WFC), which Buffett began buying in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Having held them each for more than 25 years, Buffett’s been able to reap the rewards of steady growth over time and has also taken advantage of compounding through dividend reinvestment (albeit not necessarily into more shares of Coca Cola or Wells Fargo stock). Today, Buffett owns 400 million shares of Coca Cola and nearly 480 million shares of Wells Fargo, which is good enough for a 9.3% and 9.6% respective stake in each company..

Increasingly, Obama defenders began to insist that the reason he was being treated differently in this case was the same reason that he had been treated differently so many times before: his race. At the Root, Michael Harriot wrote, asking a man to work for eight years cleaning up the sloppy mess some white guy made, and then telling him he shouldn ask for money, just feels racist. Citizen.

As much as mobile devices and social media have influenced them, they are also experiencing a world where the friction of travel has been greatly reduced. They have come of age with ready access to travel information, fewer border hassles, cheap regional airlines and a general rise in international travel standards. They will travel more..

The bundled software invited a question, the answer to which gives some insight into what made Adam unique. Computer Company (OCC) was a startup in an unpredictable industry, run by a tech pundit, taking big risks with little capital. But in large part, Adam got the software he needed not for cash but in exchange for stock in OCC.

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Yes, it’s the roads fault. Spend $200 million for some feel good safety. Give me a break. You don feel like you even in the United States until you swipe the card or go Discount NHL Jerseys to the gas station. Lipinskis know they have two more years of playing competitive hockey together as a family. In that time, they hope they can help guide Minot State to a national championship.

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