EL PASO COUNTY District Attorney

EL PASO COUNTY District Attorney John Newsome could soon be under investigation by the very agency he works with on a day to day basis. On Monday, State Senator John Morse, a Democrat who represents Colorado Springs, asked Chief Richard Myers to look into allegations of Newsome using public funds for his own gain.The three page letter outlines a trip Newsome took back in October to investigate a homicide case. On that trip, he stayed an extra two days to watch his alma mater play football.

Ollie employs over 4,000 associates in its 156 stores across 14 states.FIRST ALERT: Increased severe weather threat this afternoonFIRST ALERT: Increased severe weather threat this afternoonUpdated: Wednesday, May 24 2017 12:03 PM EDT2017 05 24 16:03:35 GMTSevere weather chancesThe threat for severe weather has increased across our area. Expect isolated showers to start to fire up by noon and then stronger storms develop by 2pm. The severe weather risk will be from 2pm to 9pm.

Developing countries should receive the necessary resources for the transfer of technology and for building the capacity to help their efforts, he added. As for arms producers and exporters, they should take the necessary steps to combat the illegal trade. Pointing out that there was no universal multilateral agreement currently prohibiting the transfer of small arms and light weapons to non State actors, except for man portable air defence systems (MANPADS), he said that such a ban should cover http://www.vec-ievc.org/wholesale-nfl-jerseys-cheap/ other light weapons that Wholesale Cheap Jerseys were in great demand by terrorists, including grenade launchers, portable anti tank missile systems and portable infantry rocket assisted flamethrower systems.

But even at the option, the high gas prices still sting. “It’s not great but it’s something,” said William Mordain of Trinidad as he pumped gas Tuesday morning. “Things are getting pretty bad when $2.98 looks cheap.” Mordain added that had the Play Station 777 not been on his way to work, he probably wouldn’t have gone out of his way for the 17 cent difference.

If you want a really low commitment, grab a Mason jar with a lid. According to Oregon relatively lenient growler laws, pretty much any container can be a growler as long as it has a secure cover. In September, Esquire even noted that Oregon has such lax growler rules, some gas stations also have beer filling stations and rumors abound that one can show up to some breweries with an empty soda bottle or a Mason jar and get a fill on that..

Families and the people that work in the industry really feel that they being short changed by this, he stated. Of these people have been working at the mines or at the plants for quite a while and are well established in their communities and are now looking at maybe having to move their families. CAC wants to see money invested in research technology to continue improving coal technology.

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