Tips For Nannies on Finding the Right Employer (Nanny Cams or No Nanny Cameras!)

Finding employment as a nanny is a two-way street. Parents and guardians want to entrust their precious children to trustworthy and competent nannies. You, on the other hand, want to find parents and guardians who share your child-rearing philosophies and who will respect you as a professional.

Whether you are applying through a nanny agency or finding work on your own, here are basic tips on finding the right employer.

Be Prepared For and With Questions

Just as much as the parents will have questions for you, you also have the right to ask questions. List down your concerns and discuss them with the prospective employer. You can inquire about job responsibilities, number and ages of the children under your care, accommodation and transportation, and compensation package.

Your prospective employer must discuss issues related to nanny cameras, too. This is very important as you have to be informed about the presence of nanny cameras, especially as you have the right to privacy if you are a live-in nanny. You should specifically state your position on nanny cameras, even if it contradicts their stand. This way, a thorny issue will have been discussed even before employment has commenced.

Be Ready with Required Documents

You have to prepare your resume, written references, Department of Motor Vehicles record and a medical statement. You are not yet required to provide your social security details during the interviews; you will be required only upon employment and signing of work agreement.

Be Safe During an Interview

This does not pertain to providing for safe answers during the interview. Rather, you have to ensure your physical safety since not all people advertising for nannies are do-gooders much as parents think that not all nannies advertising their services are in the caliber of Tiggy Legge-Bourke (nanny to Prince William and Prince Harry of Britain).

You have to check the family’s references, like former childcare providers and day care centers, before you put yourself through an interview. When you do proceed with it, be safe. If possible, meet in a public place like a fast-food chain and bring a friend with you. If the parents want to meet you at their home, leave the name, address and contact number of the prospective employers with your friends and family. You can instruct them to call you when you do not report within a specific period has elapsed.

Open Communication

Even during the initial interview, be clear about your expectations regarding hours, duties, childcare ideas, and compensation. You can initially assess the compatibility you have with the parents on these aspects.

If you are uneasy about nanny cameras, you have to tell the parents your reasons. Indeed, nanny cameras and their accoutrements are very important factors in accepting employment. There is always the risk of having your privacy compromised and the danger of having your actions questioned at each and every turn.

If the parents are one of the dying breed of people who do not subscribe to nanny cameras, you might have just hit the jackpot. Then again, ask the parents their reasons for doing away with covert cameras and then judge for yourself whether you are comfortable with those reasons, too.

Just always remember that you need trust and security from the parents much as the parents and the children need to trust and be secure with you.

Source by Nahshon Roberts

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