Bus Safety Tips for Kids

Heading back to school each year means your children should
review bus safety tips so they are always prepared for any
situation. While traveling by school bus is safe for America’s
youth many students are killed each year in school bus
accidents. Amazingly, however, these deaths do not usually occur
inside the school bus but rather as the children are entering or
exiting the bus. This is cause for concern and necessitates the
review of some simple bus safety tips.

Bus Safety Tip #1 Wait for the Bus to Stop Your children should
understand how important it is to always wait for the bus to
stop completely and the driver to signal the children to board
the bus rather than running towards a moving bus. This can
result in an accident, injury or even death, so make sure your
kids know to stay put until the bus is fully stopped.

Bus Safety Tip #2 Wait in a Safe Place If you don’t escort your
children to the bus stop then they should know to wait at the
bus stop and away from all traffic. They should not be playing
at the bus stop or doing anything that might distract them from
waiting for the bus.

Bus Safety Tip #3 Use the Handrails Backpacks are heavy and
children are small, so when they place their foot on the first
step of the bus without using the handrails it is very easy to
lose their balance and fall backward. Because of this it is very
important that your children know they should always use the
hand rail when entering and exiting the school bus.

Bus Safety Tip #4 No Horseplay When you have a group of kids on
the school bus nothing is more tempting than to play with other
occupants. However, teach your child that playing on the bus can
lead to injury and even a car accident because the bus driver
can’t pay attention to the road because of the distraction on
the bus. This should help them understand how important it is to
remain seated and quiet at all times.

Children should ride on the school bus quietly and calmly and
checking homework or reading a book quietly are great school bus
activities that will keep your child safe while on the bus.
Following these other tips will also insure your child or
children practice safety at all times when waiting for, entering
or exiting the school bus

Source by Patrick Warner

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