Lower Flow Showerheads

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Lower Flow Showerheads: That’s right, lower flow showerheads. When low flow showerheads first came out they were just watered down (pardon the pun) versions of the old guzzlers with flow restrictors. Nobody liked the way they felt but over the years advances were made and there are a number of low flow showerheads that conserve water and provide a quality showering experience..

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The headform impacted the foam on the frontolateral aspect. Resultant headform acceleration time histories and maxima were recorded.Phase 2: headgear testsThe Albion Headpro model was specifically manufactured by Albion Hat and Cap Pty Ltd (Sydney, Australia) for the Australian Football Injury Prevention Project (AFIPP).10 This model had performed the best in the original laboratory tests.1 Owing to budget, time, and manufacturing restrictions, only small design changes were possible and the “look” remained unchanged. The changes included increasing the polyethylene foam density from 45 kg/m3 to 65 kg/m3 and extending the coverage of the 2 mm thick ethylene vinyl acetate insert to include the centre front of the headgear (fig 1).

Figure 2: 1D misfit dislocation model.(a) Relaxed and (b) coherent dichromatic pattern (CDP) reference structures containing two Al layers nearest to the interface that were used for the disregistry analysis of the 1D misfit dislocation model. Al atoms on the ceramic and metal sides of the interface have been shown in purple and lavender colors, respectively. (c) Disregistry vectors computed as the difference between the positions of the selected pair of Al atoms in the relaxed and reference configurations.

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